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Welcome to Filipino Esoteric Wisdom! 

Filipino Esoteric Wisdom falls into a line of business to help indigenous people living in the mountains of Mindanao, Philippines. We are helping them since 2015 by giving them some living basic needs like clothes, slippers, foods and educational supplies for their studying students. The books here are design and publish for those people who choose to walk in esoteric path of life. By using the books here in shop, people will learn the secret of being a spiritual and physical warrior against evil spirits and evil doers. They will learn also the art of healing using short prayers, mantras and oracions. Perform miracles, exorcism, shielding self from swords and bullets, learn the art of invisibilities. This amulet is absolutely vital for all-round general protection. Both sides of the medallion contain secret mantras and objects that bring cosmic protection. It offers the wearer protection against all forms of dangers, including dangers from bad spirits, accidents, natural disasters, and bad intentions of people. Wear it if you are travelling often, or frequent places which are prone to natural disasters - such as volcanic regions, earthquake areas, coastal regions and flood zones. It is also essential for those who are involved with esoteric work such as geomancy and astrology. This medallion protects you from developing illness. It is inscribed with secret mantras. Wear it touching your skin, close to your chest area to stay protected at all times. It has been designed to invite luck that will grant you your most desired wish, be it love, happiness, money or children. It also serves us against bullets, bows, arrows and any deadly weapons. Authentic design. Wear this amulets to be protected from being harm by evil spirits, bad elements, calamities and tragedies. Protection also from black magic, black spells and against witchcrafts. It also brings lucks to those people who wear this. Enjoy yourself with love, money and good carriers and opportunities. Perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other similar occasions. Be practical, be protected, be charmed and be loved. Visit, get, study and learn. Good luck!

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